? Don’t Stop Me Now ?


I’m one of those people who thrives on being busy. If I’m allowed to rest for too long, I fall into a depression and stop taking care of myself (see: wearing the same sweatsuit and not showering for 5 days straight while living off of mayonnaise sandwiches and frozen microwave dinners).


For the past four days, I’ve been keeping fabulously busy. PLEASE DON’T JUDGE ME! I’m trying my best to adapt to the cards I’ve been dealt, and coping with the fact that my journey doesn’t look like everyone else’s!!! All this to say: as a freelancer, sometimes I’m working a LOT, and sometimes I’m not working AT ALL. This puts a lot of pressure on me to always be looking for ways to stay busy and enterprising, which gets especially hard when you hit the brakes too hard and cease to live entirely (see again: mayonnaise sandwiches).


HOWEVER, I’ve decided to give myself a day. Today, to be precise. The past four days have included: a painful dental procedure, a pap smear, an overly-ambitions attempt to hike 5 miles through Manhattan parks, and waking up at 5am to travel to Connecticut for family. As I was falling asleep on my 4:30pm train back to NYC, I decided to give myself a day. A day when I don’t force myself to leave the house (or my sweatsuit) to keep the inertia at bay. And I have BIG plans for today:

  • Listening to the 5-part Casefile case on the Belanglo serial killer, which I’ve been saving up to binge-listen to
  • Watching Umbrella Academy on Netflix (because I hear it’s really good!)
  • Reorganizing the things under my bed and putting them on my roof
  • Doing a charcoal mask to declog my sad, sad pores
  • Attempting to cook the tempeh that I bought last week with the barbecue sauce I picked up at the new grocery store that I like
  • Write and schedule as many blog posts as I can
  • Finish painting my nails which I started painting on… Thursday? Friday? I actually can’t remember!!
  • Finally enjoying a few glasses of the tart Chilean rosé I bought on Wednesday as a treat but haven’t been able to have more than a quick taste of, because I’ve been falling asleep during “wine time” aka after 6pm!


Depending on how much of this I actually do, today might not end up being such an “inert” day after all! Happy Passover if you’re celebrating, Happy Easter if that’s your thing, if you observed 4/20 I hope you spare a thought today for the institutional racism that keeps many of our citizens jailed for minor drug offenses and the families affected! Ok byeeeee!!!



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  1. Chelsea Woodring Avatar
    Chelsea Woodring

    Just wanted to comment to say tempeh is one of my favorite things to eat. I will never eat mayonnaise sandwiches. But I will eat tempeh.

    1. I love tempeh but my cooking skills are … basically at the “mayonnaise sandwiches” level. I’m hoping it goes well today! And maybe I’ll combine tempeh on a sandwich WITH mayonnaise (like a barbecue sandwich? I have no idea how to make food, is that painfully obvious?)

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