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Ok ok ok you know I’ve devoured every true crime podcast and true crime documentary I can get my hands on, and I’m always on the lookout for FRESH MEAT to sink my maudlin teeth into. And boy, have I got some DOOZIES for you today! It’s Wednesday, and that happens to be the day that new episodes come out for both my favorite new true crime podcast, and new true crime miniseries on Hulu!


Crimes of Passion Podcast on the Parcast Network

From the same podcast network that brought me Assassinations, Crimes of Passion brings salacious and sexually motivated murders too incredible to believe to my mid-week! Even though I’ve heard countless cases of murder, I’m excited because the crimes covered on this podcast are ones I’m very unfamiliar with — Harold Nokes, Jodi Arias, etc — and you know that today I’m gonna be devouring the second half of the story of Linda Riss, an unbelievable true story I had no idea about and can’t wait to hear podcast host Lanie Hobbs delve into all of the incredible details.



The Act on Hulu

If you haven’t heard about the case of Gypsy Rose and Dee Dee Blanchard, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Refresh: Dee Dee Blanchard, suffering a case of Muchausen Syndrome by proxy, tortured and abused her daughter Gypsy Rose while convincing her — and everyone around her — that she was really sick with a litany of ailments. I’ve heard a lot about the case already through news articles and podcasts, and I will warn you, even I wasn’t prepared for the raw brutality of this true crime series, which is filmed as if it’s a horror movie. At first, I was hoping to binge the whole series, but I’m kind of glad that we’re forced to take it one episode at a time, because it’s so visually disturbing (Episode 2, “Teeth,” was literally hard to watch at times). I know how this story ends — I’ve been keeping up to date on latest details as they emerge — and I’m still hooked on the horrific details of this case and actively rooting against the villain with every twisted new development to the story. I strongly recommend this show, but also, I wanna say “good luck” to anyone who attempts to get through it. Take breaks. Stay hydrated. It’s especially brutal.



If you’re like me — and you probably are — you’re going to find these true crime true tales absolutely fascinating and horrifying. Take care of yourselves, true crime fanatics! And if you have any recommendations (or want to share with me your HBOGO password so I can finally watch Leaving Neverland), let me know in the comments!!!


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