Three New Favorite Podcasts



Broken Harts

is a true crime podcast from Glamour magazine that follows one singular case: the case of the Hart family. In short, this was the case where two (white) women adopted two families of three (black) children and all (?) of them died when the head of the family drove their van off a cliff. I’m not going to spoil any more details, you’ll have to listen to the podcast! The story is told semi-sequentially, so you’ll want to start with episode one. Hosts Justine Harman and Liz Egan handle the subject matter with absolute delicate sensitivity, and the little touches of music and sound effects are subtle and spooky.



Not Another True Crime Podcast

is, actually, a true crime podcast from the Betches media family. The hosts are charismatic and conversational, without taking away from the story or the research. Hosts Sara Levine & Hannah Perkins bring a light and friendly face to well-known and lesser-known true crime cases and missing persons cases. The heartbreaking episode Where is Lauren Spierer? tackles a topic that was completely new to me, sympathizing with the victim without judging her in a way that other media outlets might have.



Bowery Boys

I don’t know WHY it’s taken me so long to listen to this podcast, because it’s so up my alley and it fills me with SO much joy! This is all bout the history of New York City, something I absolutely can’t get enough of. And after living here for ten years, things I’ve picked up on and stories I’m familiar with start to fall into place with these thoroughly-researched episodes. Greg Young and Tom Meyers are cheerful, upbeat, and well-versed in the topics they discuss. I personally greatly enjoyed the episode about Greenpoint, as a former resident, but if you’re coming here for the true crime stories, I can’t recommend a better starting point than episode 280 House of Mystery: The Story of the Collyer Brothers.

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