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Aaaahhhhhhhh, October! When a young gal’s mind turns to TRUE CRIME PODCASTS! If I had a dime for every time I met another person who is as obsessed with true crime podcasts as I am, I’d be like, “What the heck am I going to do with all of these dimes?” Because I really love true crime podcasts, and because you probably do, too, here are some of my favorites that you might also like!


Sword and Scale

The first true crime podcast I ever listened to! I will say, if you have hearing difficulties, host Mike Boudet relies heavily on found footage and audio clips that are often distorted and hard to understand. 🙁

I recommend: Episode 106 (trigger warning: sexual violence, violence against a child)


Casefile True Crime Podcast

This is the gold standard of true crime podcasts. Excellent research. Australian narrator. Storytelling skills: 100%. Riveting. Every damn episode knocks it out of the park.

I recommend: all of them! Case 93: Susan Snow & Bruce Nickell is particularly fascinating.


They Walk Among Us

UK-based true crime podcast, episodes tend to be shorter than the usual fare. Definitely has that British flavor.

I recommend: Season 1 Episode 18 (Part One) and Episode 19 (Part Two) of the story of “Charles Bronson”


Beyond Bizarre True Crime

Legitimately WTF material, every damn time. The title promises, the podcast DELIVERS.

I recommend: Episode 03 Dude, Where’s My Syrup? which had me SHRIEKING on the EDGE OF MY SEAT.


Southern Fried True Crime

Host Erica Kelley has a mesmerizing voice and I appreciate the amount of thoughtfulness and respect she adds in her commentary on these southern US-based cases.

I recommend: Episode 16 The Depravity of Christa Pike


Canadian True Crime Podcast

I love an Australian narrator! These cases are intriguing and unfamiliar, and host Kristi Lee makes them engaging as well!

I recommend: Episode 32 The Shafia Family (trigger warning: violence against a child)


Dark Poutine

Here’s something new: a true crime comedy podcast! The gentle humor is so typically Canadian, even though the cases are dark. As dark as the poutine.

I recommend: 016 Jane Hurshman – Life With Billy (trigger warning: domestic violence, sexual violence, violence against a child)


The Last Podcast On The Left

This comedy horror podcast is not gentle. They don’t *just* cover true crime but also aliens, cryptids, and conspiracies.

I recommend: Episode 329 Katherine Knight Part 1 and Episode 330 Katherine Knight Part 2

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