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  • True Crime Meets Truly Funny: American Vandal

    True Crime Meets Truly Funny: American Vandal

      I don’t know who recommended this show to me (I think I saw glowing reviews on Twitter?) , but it is AWESOME. American Vandal is Serial (the podcast) meets 90210, Making a Murderer meets Christopher Guest movies.   The editing & score are a perfect parody of Making A Murderer. The narration’s tone and timbre perfectly mocks the “podcast voice” associated with…

  • New True Crime Faves

    New True Crime Faves

      Ok ok ok you know I’ve devoured every true crime podcast and true crime documentary I can get my hands on, and I’m always on the lookout for FRESH MEAT to sink my maudlin teeth into. And boy, have I got some DOOZIES for you today! It’s Wednesday, and that happens to be the…