You Can Ask Me Anything!


Hey, you!

Yeah, you!

Reading this right now!




This post is an invitation. My small but mighty readership, if you want to ask me anything, please feel free! My comments are always open, my email address is on my About Me page.

And I love to hear from you! If I’ve written something you want to talk about, talk to me! And BiG THANKS to the oh, five or so of my readers who comment consistently? I consider y’all friends. Yes. In fact, even if you’re out there lurking and just casually skimming my blog for mentions of your name, I consider you a friend, too! So let’s not live out our sordid lives shrouded in mystery. Reach out! Say “Hey!”


And you can ask me anything.

Seriously — do I ever hold back?


Ask me about my Order of Protection. Ask me about having an eating disorder. Ask me about my depression. Ask me about my acne treatments! Periods! Childhood trauma! Ask me if this blog is a subtweet? Ask me! 



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