What I’m Thankful For:

corner of the sofa


this corner of the sofa. You’re great. Never change, baby.


Worst Cooks in America on Netflix — thanks for reminding me of a time before terror.


Clue for iPhone. Thanks for making sense of my body. I feel more in control and less adrift when it comes to my moods, pain, and periods.


those big bags of pre-shredded cheddar cheese at Key Foods — without you + Guerrero corn tortillas, I would starve to death. Thanks for being the quick quesadilla fix when I forget to feed myself until I’m barely able to function from hunger.


Obamacare & Medicaid — seeing doctors has changed the quality of my life this past year immeasurably. I honestly don’t think I would be alive today if it weren’t for my dermatologist + my therapist.


my succulent babies. they make me feel like I’m capable of doing something right. I haven’t killed them all (yet). my succulents make me feel nurturing and responsible, even when everything else around me is falling to shit.


And candles.


Vinter candle from Ikea

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