Cultural Appropriation in the Curriculum?

  So the hottest of hot topics this week is VIRGINIA, and how apparently, a rite of passage for college students in Virginia is… blackface??? Both the Governor and the AG of the great state of Virginia have been caught/admitted to it. This story’s been around a while, Twitter has already made[…]

Being Thankful in 2017

  I think I can honestly say that 2017 was probably one of the worst years of my life.   YAY, what an uplifting opening!   Let’s examine the facts, though: Terrible breakup. My puppy died. Trump was “President.” My armpit psoriasis came back! My Grandma fell terribly ill. My[…]

What I’m Thankful For:

  this corner of the sofa. You’re great. Never change, baby.   Worst Cooks in America on Netflix — thanks for reminding me of a time before terror.   Clue for iPhone. Thanks for making sense of my body. I feel more in control and less adrift when it comes to my[…]

Thanksgiving? What Thanksgiving?

Ho, ho, ho, my fellow hoes! I call you “hoes” like “whores” because we all know there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sex work as long as nobody’s being exploited and everyone has given consent! Merry Christmas!   Yeah, assholes, CHRISTMAS. It goes right from Halloween to Christmas. TBF, Thanksgiving isn’t[…]