Crying in Public

I’ve never been a huge crier, but…lately…I cry all the time. 

No, I don’t think I’m depressed.  I think I’m just…in touch with my emotions?  Or possibly ovulating?  That might also be it.

I cried in public for hours the day after Halloween.  My boyfriend and I dragged our hung-over selves out of bed to cheer on friends running the NYC Marathon.  Luckily I had sunglasses on (for the hangover) so nobody could see tears streaming down my face as we cheered on the runners!!  Such a touching, moving experience, I laughed and whooped and cried silently the entire time.  It could have also had something to do with the hangover and the fact that we skipped brunch to spend an hour and a half riding from Brooklyn to Queens to Manhattan to the Bronx.  (Maybe we shoulda just run there?)

Two days after that, I was in Greenwich Village for a rare private matinee tour on November 3rd.  Now, Jefferson Market Library garden is usually closed for business after Halloween, but on this unseasonably warm Tuesday afternoon, the garden was open and full of cheerful patrons!  I sat on a bench and…you guessed it…my eyes welled up with emotion because I was so happy to have had the chance to enjoy my favourite city park!  I snapped the above photo just before the waterworks.  The garden was still decorated for Halloween, and a little boy walked past my bench holding his mom’s hand, saw me crying, attributed it to the Halloween decorations and encouraged me, “Don’t be scared!”  It was so adorable and sweet that I wanted to cry even harder.  Ugh.  Can’t stop the cuteness.

Statistically speaking, one out of every five blog comments makes me cry from happiness so roll the dice and leave me a comment telling me about the last happy-cry you had.  Or sad cry!  No wrong feelings, here!  If you need help getting the juices going, here’s a quick video to jog those tear ducts along:


6 responses to “Crying in Public”

  1. I think it's great that you're a crier. It's a cathartic release, and it shows you're a passionate person who is connected to her heart. The last time I cried was a few days ago, just thinking about the amazing journey my life has become. I'm so excited about the future, and I appreciate the fact that technology has progressed to allow me to speak with awesome bloggers like you from all over the world! How cool is that? ? Happy tears!

    1. Oh yeah I totally feel this! Even thinking about how blogging is A Thing now, and how this is such a perfect fit for me and Little Child Meghan could never have imagined this path for herself gets me in the feels-space!!

  2. I've found myself crying more lately. I mean, I pretty much always cry at the movies it seems these days. But then I was watching a Civil War/Hello mash up video and damn near lost my mind. I just kept opening my eyes wider to keep the tears from falling. I guess it's better to rock wide ass crazy eyes than openly bawl over something so dumb. LOL

    1. WOAH that video sounds crazy! Keep widening those crazy eyes!!! 😀

  3. Animals make me cry in general. Especially dolphins. I went swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas a few years back and cried like a fool the whole time. The other swimmers must've thought I was nuts!

    1. Luckily you were in water – you could pull off wiping tears off your face more naturally than on dry land!

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