5 Fandom Friday: Black Friday NEEDS

Black Friday?  Bah Humbug!  I don’t believe in Black Friday.  “But Meghan!” you say, “What about Christmas shopping for friends and family?”  You know what?  This year, everybody’s getting a nice bottle of booze.  It’s what you want, need, and will use!  So there.  I’m not going shopping on Black Friday.  I don’t need anything money can buy.  Here’s WHAT I NEED on Black Friday:

1.  White Wine  is my go-to holiday drink.  I’ve had a craving for some time now, this should be easy enough to fix!!

2.  Christmas Trees  oh I am such a freak for trees!  The smell of evergreen is completely lacking in the city, outside of those street-side tree sellers!  I’m one of the weirdos who leans in to get a deeeeep sniff and walks off with a doofy grin plastered across my face.  I need a whiff of them for my Black Friday!!

3.  Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade  is a TRADITION for me!  I have gone to great lengths to view the parade like I used to when I was a kid…bundled up in PJ’s on the couch with the dogs, pointing at the city views behind the floats and balloons and vowing “I’m gonna live there someday!”  Those dogs owe me $5 off that bet cuz I TOTALLY LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY NOW DOGS!!  And to think they laughed at me.

4.  Hearty GF Vegetarian Food  Thanksgiving dinner typically, how shall I put this delicately, isn’t very fun for gluten-free pescetarians?  I’ve had years of dry mashed potatoes and corn, and I’d love for the day after Thanksgiving to involve something robust, flavorful, and hearty to make up for “eating just the sides” the night before.  Like my new favourite chili recipe, or some fancy egg dish!  I’d even go wild for Indian food from Trader Joe’s as long as it’s hot!

5.  Christmas music with NO JUDGEMENT  Yeah, that’s right!  I make jokes on Twitter about sneaking Christmas music behind my boyfriend’s back but…yeah, I pretty much am doing that.  Sorry, babe!  I think we can agree that post-Thanksgiving, it’s totally acceptable to listen to the classics – Bing Crosby, The Carpenters, and the Vince Guaraldi Trio.  I won’t force anyone to listen to Mariah Carey or Michael Buble until the week of Christmas, I solemnly promise.  But over the holiday itself, all bets are off!!!

Here’s hopin’ y’all had lovely T-gives and that your Black Friday is calm, sweet, and socially responsible – globally and locally.  Even if you are shopping, please be a conscious consumer and for the love of Christmas, don’t be a dick to anyone working retail today.  Thanks and Happy Holidays!!!


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