“That’s All”

Trying to make people like you is really hard.

Trying to be funny, or outgoing, or smart, or whatever, it can be so much work.  Trying, trying, always trying to be perfect, and then to be better than perfect, is exhausting.

No wonder most days I’d rather keep to myself, phone it in, stay in my sweatpants and join a Twitter party instead of going out to an actual party.  OH!  Loud music, late nights, just…exhausting!  And having to put up the “perfect” facade on top of it – UGH.  Because that’s what it takes to make friends, to win people over. 

But the truth is that most people really don’t want to be friends with someone who’s just faking.  Just trying to be perfect for the sake of making people like them.  It’s a sham!  It’s a ruse!  It’s not the real you.

So, all I can offer is this.  Me.  I will continue to be vaguely offensive, overtly political, outspoken and imperfect.  I won’t try to be funny for your sake.  It’s too hard to keep up!  I’m gonna do me.  I’m too tired to play the game anymore.  That’s all.


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