How I Want To Spend My Summer Vacation

What a ride the past nine months have been!  It felt so much longer.  I got incredibly drunk (one – ONE frozen mojito!) after school with my coworkers on Tuesday to put the year behind me and look forward to this summer.  Of course, I’m looking for a new job – but I’m also going to enjoy a little bit of freedom that I “earned” this year and here’s how (and also, a drawing from my favourite student):

Gaining my vitality back (climbing stairs again much?)

Experimenting with performance art/Looping

Watching Charlie Brown cartoons in the air conditioning with a cold glass of seltzer

Learning how to swim
Singing at the top of my lungs at the camp
Exploring and getting to know Brooklyn
Celebrating my grandmother’s 90th birthday 
Improving my blog content
Reading Squirrel Girl, Saga, Batgirl, and Secret Six!
Juicing fruits and vegetables
Boating – somewhere!
Giving lots of ghost tours
Getting a new tattoo
Cooking new recipes

Building shelves and work space for the office

Hanging artwork in my apartment

Sorting my clothes to donate ones I haven’t worn in ages to Goodwill

Falling asleep (probably) under the stars during the Summer Screen movies at nearby McCarren Park


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