5 Fandom Friday: OH MAMA!

In honor of Mother’s Day (probably?) let’s dish on favourite moms!  Kinda weird, but okay…

1.  Joyce Summers
  was the coolest of the cool teenage vampire slayers’ moms.  Sure, Buffy and her’s relationship wasn’t always perfect, but she stuck up for her daughter and was pretty badass in her own right – esp. with Giles in “Band Candy”

2.  Maureen Johnson  mother of Lazarus Long, the most important man in the universe.  And a fascinating woman in her own right!

3.  Alana from Saga  is quirky, snappy, but a hopeless romantic in the most subtle and fantastic way.  I fully need to get caught up on this one!

4.  Littlefoot’s Mom from
The Land Before Time  sorry sorry sorry for bringing back sad childhood memories BTW you guys

5.  Mama Fratelli from The Goonies  is so evil!  Don’t put Chunk’s hand in a blender!  Oh jeez.  She’s a seriously twisted villain.  Gotta love that!


6 responses to “5 Fandom Friday: OH MAMA!”

  1. Littlefoot's mom is a brilliant find. You made me all nostalgic and such now! 🙂

    1. Land Before Time is directly responsible for me loving Brontos.

  2. Now I wanna go watch land before time

    1. Watch it and report back whether it holds up!

  3. Totally thought about Littlefoot's mom, but I teared up even suggesting it..

    1. Littlefoot's mom = Bambi's mom for our generation.

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