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I saw a post like this on Sometimes Sweet and thought it would be a nice way to get back into the swing of blogging by way of TALKING ABOUT ME.  Yeah, I’ve been busy.  I have other friends.  So what?  Here ya go.

Last thing you cooked:   I don’t know if it counts as “cooking,” but I just mixed some strawberry jam into my Greek yogurt and OH MAH GAWDLESSNESS it was so good.  I also heated up some AMAZEBALLS frozen pizzas the other day.  Tofurkey makes a killer GF, vegan pizza with a weird sausage-like topping?  Fantastic.

Last time you felt nervous:   Prior to my ghost tour last Friday.  It was the first “open tour” (read: not private group booking) this year and it went pretty well!  I’m happy to be back doing my favourite job with regularity!  But before that, oh man, I was trying to breathe normally, everything.  I bought a roll of Tums off a newspaper cart because I was so freaked out.

Last big thing you splurged on:  Shit got a little cray at Trader Joe’s yesterday.  I went in for vitamins and soup.  They didn’t have the vitamins I wanted (is Zinc really hard to find or something?) so I bought ice cream, cereal, a banana, an apple…I managed to escape without English muffins, though.  It’s for the best.

Last gift you received:   I went shopping with my boyfriend and he bought me the coolest bell-bottom jeans.  They are stretchy, high-waisted, super long, light wash and make my butt look deceptively hot.  DECEPTIVELY.  And also a pretty floral dress with a super swingy skirt.  Now if only it was warm enough to ACTUALLY WEAR IT

Last song you listened to:  “Back in Black” by AC/DC which is also my ringtone because thank you, I am that cool.

Last place you vacationed to:   I think my last vacation was actually to Red Bank, NJ.  Like, two months ago.  Does taking the subway to Brooklyn for a specialty cocktail count as a “vacation” ?

Last time you were moved to tears:  The ending of Identity Crisis.  Don’t get me started.  I’ll review it when I think I can talk about it without getting emotional.

Last blog you really fell in love with:   I’ve been loving The NieNie Dialogues.  I used to read it, then I guess I stopped back when Google Reader went belly-up.  But I like her style of posting these days:  more frequent but shorter posts. 

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