A Room with a View to a-Kill For

Some people dream of living by the sea.  Looking out their window onto the shore, watching the tide roll in.

Others prefer the mountains, looking out their window to see peaks and forests and woodland creatures.

Me?  This is my view:

And while it’s nice to see those beaches and those trees every once in a while, I feel happiest and most at home here.  Nestled in my cozy, snug apartment.  Where I belong.  Like a bee in a honeycomb.  This place is just right for me.

Every time I see the sunlight bleaching streaks down the bricks outside my window, I think of blindingly sunny walks I’ve taken down my favourite city streets.  Looking up at the tall buildings I always dreamed of.

On a recent walk with my roommate, I confessed one of my favourite hobbies:  looking into people’s windows at dusk to see their lights on and think to myself, “Someone lives there.  Someone with a full life, and dreams, fascinating stories and fabulous days lives behind that window every day.  Someone looks out that window sometimes and this, us, is their view.”

I used to dream of a view like mine.


One response to “A Room with a View to a-Kill For”

  1. I love looking through peoples windows at night too, I think this word sums it up for me


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