A Peek At… Target in East Harlem

Target here in New York City is not like Target in the rest of the country.  Suburban Target is well-stocked, classy, and clean.  From past experiences in Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, I can tell you that this is not the case here.

Then I heard a rumour about a Target in East Harlem that was just as good as suburban Target.  I could hardly believe this could be true!  First of all, East Harlem?  I am strictly a West Harlem girl, thankyouverymuch.  Yet my desire for Target led me to venture up there and discover that, not only are the rumours true, East Harlem Target is Nerd Paradise.
First of all, the toys.  The action figures made up two aisles.  I totally fell in love with this talking Chewbacca.  We had the best conversation.

The board games aisle was so well-stocked!  They had Ticket to Ride, Dixit, and R2D2 Operation.  And not only did they have classic Settlers of Catan and a few expansion packs, check this one out:

Star Trek Settlers of Catan???  Is that not quite possibly the geekiest thing in all of existence?

No, this is:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is a 400-pack box of Splenda.  Nerds, do this math with me.  In the rest of Manhattan, a 100-pack box goes for somewhere around $5.99.  This 400-pack box only set me back $12.99, and could possibly last me an entire week.  That’s 400% of my regular amount of Splenda packets for only 200% of the price!  Rather, a regular box of Splenda costs 1/2 of what this costs but only gives you 1/4 of the Splenda?  Or something like that.  I wouldn’t know.  I’m terrible at math.  I’m not a huge nerd.

But if you are, you should make the trip up to East Harlem to check out this Target.


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