Fifty Shades of Green

Since apparently the surest course to fame is erotic fan fiction, I have decided to tackle the subject myself.  And you, my loyal blog followers, get to have the first preview.  Enjoy.

Fifty Shades of Green
Chapter Three – Argh!

My eyes widened in fear, my breath caught in my breast.

“I…I could never…”  I stared into Samuel’s cold, green, eyes.  He tilted his head, and I felt so, so small and petty in the presence of his manly manliness.  I thought I even caught a glimpse of sadistic sparkle in his smile.

“That is to say, I have never…”  I trailed off.  I could scarcely force myself to finish the sentence.

“So,” Samuel chuckled, “You’ve never had green eggs and ham?”

My jaw dropped.  I’d never heard anyone talk so frankly about green eggs and ham before!  In spite of myself, I blushed.  I blushed at his boldness, and I blushed at my own arousal.

Samuel ran a hand down the edge of my cheek.  “You’re blushing,” he observed.  I turned my gaze downward, and wished he would too, so he would not be able to see through me so well.  Samuel had that way about him:  I could never keep anything hidden.  It was as though I was constantly naked in his presence.

“I’ve never really thought about…green eggs and ham,”  I mumbled under my breath, still avoiding meeting his gaze.  If he couldn’t see my eyes, I hoped, he couldn’t see the truth in them:  that I had thought about green eggs and ham.  I had thought about it a lot.  But I could never admit that.  Not to Samuel.  Not even to myself.

“Then how do you know you wouldn’t like them?”  Samuel smirked.   taking his hand off my cheek and brushing my hair behind my ear, he leaned in close and whispered tersely, “How do you know you won’t love them?”

Even in the noisy restaurant, I could hear my own heart beat faster.  I didn’t dare breathe, Samuel was so close to my face.

“I know you.  I know what you like.  You’re like me,” Samuel’s whispers came faster and faster.  “You like green eggs and ham.  You love green eggs in ham.  You think about them all the time.  On the train.  On a plane.  You want them here…”  Samuel’s finger drifted back across my cheek and lingered across my lips. 

“You want them there…”  his finger traveled across the neckline of my blouse and settled above my heart, which was beating so loud I worried he would even feel it.

“You would have them anywhere.  You want green eggs and ham.  And I…want you.”


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  1. LOL!! This was awesome.

  2. hahaahahahah.


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