Not Dead

Trust, I have been WAY busy this week. Follow my FourSquare account if you don’t believe me! I am entertaining an out-of-town visitor! I started a new job! But don’t worry… I’ve been taking pictures…


11 responses to “Not Dead”

  1. Oh the food looks yummy! I love the photo of the ferris wheel too. xx

    1. Thanks! I had to get a photo after I survived the swinging cars!

  2. Those fries look STUPID good….

    1. They totally were! Nathan's makes some good fries, and you can't beat cheese sauce!

  3. Can't say the same for the cowboy….

    1. Ha! He was pretty cute, actually, in a quirky New York way.

  4. I don't know about you, but I kind of want his boots.

    1. Yeaaaahhhh totally! But boots in this heat? Ouch!

  5. Hope you an Osh had a great time!! How was Newsies?! Please tell me you rode the Cyclone?!? And I hate to be Negative Nancy but he's not the "original" Naked Cowboy. The real one if actually kind of sexy!

    1. Newsies was AMAZING!!! The dancing was out of this WORLD!

      I remember the original cowboy being kinda Fabio-esque. I just thought maybe he let himself go a little…? He's totally my gay best friend's type, though! I wanna hook them up!

  6. oo entertaining out-of-towners always walks that line of awesome/exhausting. SO JEALOUS you saw Newsies!! I saw the original Naked Cowboy on my way to see "Other Desert Cities" not exactly Fabio-esque (he hasnt had long hair in years) but definitely not…real looking? Did you know he franchises out his shtick/brand? Like, the guy you saw has to pay him for the rights to walk around as a naked cowboy. I'm not kidding!

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