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  1. Sarah says:

    Oh the food looks yummy! I love the photo of the ferris wheel too. xx


    1. MeghanSara says:

      Thanks! I had to get a photo after I survived the swinging cars!

  2. Those fries look STUPID good….

    1. MeghanSara says:

      They totally were! Nathan's makes some good fries, and you can't beat cheese sauce!

  3. Can't say the same for the cowboy….

    1. MeghanSara says:

      Ha! He was pretty cute, actually, in a quirky New York way.

  4. I don't know about you, but I kind of want his boots.

    1. MeghanSara says:

      Yeaaaahhhh totally! But boots in this heat? Ouch!

  5. Hope you an Osh had a great time!! How was Newsies?! Please tell me you rode the Cyclone?!? And I hate to be Negative Nancy but he's not the "original" Naked Cowboy. The real one if actually kind of sexy!

    1. MeghanSara says:

      Newsies was AMAZING!!! The dancing was out of this WORLD!

      I remember the original cowboy being kinda Fabio-esque. I just thought maybe he let himself go a little…? He's totally my gay best friend's type, though! I wanna hook them up!

  6. oo entertaining out-of-towners always walks that line of awesome/exhausting. SO JEALOUS you saw Newsies!! I saw the original Naked Cowboy on my way to see "Other Desert Cities" not exactly Fabio-esque (he hasnt had long hair in years) but definitely not…real looking? Did you know he franchises out his shtick/brand? Like, the guy you saw has to pay him for the rights to walk around as a naked cowboy. I'm not kidding!

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