Omelettes – In The Microwave!!!


Backstory: I joined a Facebook community about Depression Meals. What’s a “depression meal,” you ask? Well, according to the group, basically anything that you eat while depressed? There’s a good variety between like really tragic and lazy meals (leftover white rice with ketchup?), decadent “treat yo’self” meals (cakes and sushi!) and very often, baked goods lovingly crafted to distract the baker from negative thoughts. I am dead impressed that people can BAKE while they’re depressed, because some days, I can barely put forth the effort to push buttons on the microwave.




Literally, the only ingredient is eggs. I mean, you also need a microwave. Aside from that, grab almost any vessel from your dishware cupboard:


you can microwave a single egg in a mug, and have a small omelette.

if you have a wide, shallow dish or bowl, you can make a two-egg omelette.


I haven’t experimented with three eggs yet. Cracking eggs is difficult, demoralizing, and slimy. Best to keep it simple for Depression Meals.


SO BASICALLY, you crack your egg-or-eggs into your mug/bowl/dish (microwave safe, please!) and whisk them up with a fork.


COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: microwave for one minute. Two eggs, maybe 1:15.


That’s IT!


Serving Suggestion: I like to salt & pepper my omelettes. If I have it, I’ll spoon a TON of Very Hot Salsa over the top. You could also sprinkle some cheese on it after it comes out of the microwave. Whatever floats your boat.


I think this is a healthy meal. I mean, you could do a lot worse? It’s eggs, and eggs are protein. And healthy…right? As long as you can keep eggs in the house, you can make omelettes! As fas as depression meals go… this is one of my favorites.

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