Oh, hello, there! Tonight is OPENING NIGHT for The Bloody Deed of 1857! I am all kinds of nervous, and I’ve been buzzing about all week long. Which mostly means hanging around on street corners in the East Village, talking aloud to myself about murders that took place in the nineteenth century. PERFECTLY EXPLAINABLE BEHAVIORS OBVIOUSLY. But it’s allowed me the opportunity to take breathtaking Instas of one of my favorite neighborhoods (one of my, like, 25,000 favorite neighborhoods, tbh, I genuinely heart New York, we all know this). I love this one because the bus in the bottom left tells you where you are! It’s been such a treat treading this path, and it brings back SO many memories. I was feeling confident and excited for the show, BUT THEN, I woke up on Thursday to MY PERIOD! It’s a bad one, too. My stomach is all messed up, and the cramps are so bad that I’m holding my breath for the pain. This had BETTER PASS before the show tomorrow, I have TOO MUCH RESPONSIBILITY to be in pain!


I cancelled my Netflix back in late January because I had 1) watched everything I wanted to watch, 2) never found anything interesting on there, and 3) didn’t really have time to sit down and watch whole movies! I might have to renew now just for a month to watch the new Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and while I’m there, I’ll have to check out some of the best movies Netflix has to offer (via The New York Times).


I grew up on The Simpsons, and this Vanity Fair article about Lisa Simpson (And Yeardley Smith) touched all my feelings.


This thread on Twitter has to win some kind of award. You have to click through and read the WHOLE THING. Please. Promise me. Tell me your reaction in the comments so I know you did.


Is there a dating app where I can meet a man like THIS?!?:


A lot of my week has been spent walking the tour route in preparation for tonight (EEP!), and I came across this sidewalk that was once a HUGE part of my life. Almost TEN YEARS AGO! I had to stop and pay homage to my roots.


I can’t say for sure, but I’m pretty sure a National Holiday is declared in Canada every time You Suck At Cooking uploads a new video. This one is definitely good for some yucks:


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