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  • Currently… in April 2018

    Currently… in April 2018

      FEELING:  Deep in the throes of PMS + Mercury retrograde + depression, FUN. Fun fun fun. It’s really messed me up, and the endlessly cold and grey weather doesn’t help. I’m struggling to see a light at the end of the tunnel or any hope that things will change as I feel like life keeps beating me…

  • Omelettes – In The Microwave!!!

    Omelettes – In The Microwave!!!

      Backstory: I joined a Facebook community about Depression Meals. What’s a “depression meal,” you ask? Well, according to the group, basically anything that you eat while depressed? There’s a good variety between like really tragic and lazy meals (leftover white rice with ketchup?), decadent “treat yo’self” meals (cakes and sushi!) and very often, baked…