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  • Omelettes – In The Microwave!!!

    Omelettes – In The Microwave!!!

      Backstory: I joined a Facebook community about Depression Meals. What’s a “depression meal,” you ask? Well, according to the group, basically anything that you eat while depressed? There’s a good variety between like really tragic and lazy meals (leftover white rice with ketchup?), decadent “treat yo’self” meals (cakes and sushi!) and very often, baked…

  • Yes, Lavender Simple Syrup is SO Simple

    Yes, Lavender Simple Syrup is SO Simple

    That is my lavender plant…in a lavender pot. I’m growing it from seed! I posted on Twitter over the weekend that I was making lavender-infused simple syrup and ooh la laa, you’d think I’d just casually dropped that I was making Spanishe Windtorte! You guys, there’s a reason it’s called “simple syrup,” and that’s because it’s SO…

  • I Invented A Pasta, Don’t @ Me

    I Invented A Pasta, Don’t @ Me

    Yeah, I invented a pasta.   I’m going on record as saying that I invented this pasta because I had a craving for something salty and carb-y during my last menstrual period and I let my uterus pick the ingredients. And my uterus was eyeing that bag of brown rice pasta from Trader Joe’s that had been…