How Was Your Christmas? I Got My Period!


Yep, so, I was worried about how this Christmas was going to be. I was worried I would be lonely? I was not lonely. I was worried I would be sad? Yes, I was sad, but more importantly —


— I got my period!


It’s the most on-brand gift for me, honestly, I think.


I was sleeping on a blow-up air mattress on the floor of my mother’s craft room on Christmas Eve when I woke up at 5:30am on the Actual Christmas Day. Only, instead of the excited child I used to be, it wasn’t because I was excited to open presents. It was because my lower abdomen had seized up into terrible cramps and blood, blood everywhere.

So instead of spending Christmas all “woe-is-me” about the terrible year of loss I’ve had ——


—— I spent it under a heating pad all “woe-is-me” about the gut-twisting pain that was so intense, I was too weak to move and afraid I’d vomit if I rose from the chair.




Oh, before that, though, we had good times.

My parents and I had dinner (a dinner of APPETIZERS!) at the kickass oyster bar down the street from the bus station:


Then, on Christmas Eve, my mom and I met an old friend from high school at the Roberson Mansion to see their annual Christmas tree display. Which we do every year! Can’t miss it!


Roberson staircase



Even though, already, I was starting to feel those cramps come on.


And we drove around looking at Christmas lights. This video is from the night I got into town, and depicts my mother, my father, and I singing along to the B-side of Abbey Road because we had to keep driving until the album finished, it’s like, a law.


So, I hope y’all had an interesting Christmas, or at least, a pleasant one. Let me know if you got any great gifts. Or if you got your period too. Festive synching cycles, Ho ho ho!!!



Roberson mansion fireplace


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