Monthly Favorites: September 2017


Hulu has been on fire lately. I’ve been loving their selection of 80’s and 90’s rom-coms, new South Park episodes, and you know it’s how I keep up with my Kardashians! I’m the kind of person who always needs something on in the background. I loved watching Sense and Sensibility, Fools Rush In, Moscow On The Hudson, and especially….


Brooklyn Nine-Nine! I have been saving it for months because it is so pure and good. Every time I think this show couldn’t be better, it just GETS BETTER! The writing is phenomenal, the episodes are addictive, and the character acting is just goddamn INSPIRING. Captain Holt is, without a doubt, the best character on television, and Andre Braugher’s timing and delivery are relentlessly funny.


LUSH’s Dark Angels has been working wonders on my sweaty summer face! I picked some up before Burning Man, used it in Reno, and have been loving it! It smells like across between Fruit Loops and black licorice, is deliciously scrubby and leaves my face feeling so tingly and happy!


NYX Slip Tease is my new obsession! It glides on so smoothly, feels so moisturizing and dries to a fabulous matte hue. I picked up the shade “Coy” on impulse after testing it on my hand in the store, it’s a light pink that is very unlike me. For how rich the texture is going on, wearing it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky in the slightest! I got very little transfer, even after eating and drinking. I might have to invest in a few more of these delicious shades!


Amy’s Golden Lentil soup has been a savior for me. I’ve been taking DayQuil for my never-ending cold, which has made my stomach queasy, and this mild and lovely-textured soup is just the thing for breakfast. It’s been going on sale a lot in nearby grocery stores, so I’m lucky enough to have it on hand!


Trader Joe’s Milk Chocolate Bars have become my go-to “emergency chocolate.” What do you mean, you don’t keep “emergency chocolate” in your house??? Chocolate can boost your mood and reduce stress! And these bars come in three-packs of small bars, which as far as I’m concerned, are the perfect-sized “dose” for when stress rears its ugly head!


Claire’s Neon Zipper Stud Earrings (similar) caught me by surprise. I never realized how much I loved the sound of zipper pulls clanking until I had the sound in my ears all day — like bells! So melodic! I wore these earrings repeatedly over the course of a week. They are so comfortable, and add a subtle funkiness to everything!


Bath & Body Works Autumn Candle is my new favorite fall scent. It’s the perfect balance of spicy, musky, and sweet. While I feel like many of the new season of fall scents have slipped too far into one of those categories, Autumn gives me the full range of seasonal scents in one!


Room Essentials 8-pc Washcloth Set (at Target) was an impulse buy before Burning Man but I have been so happy that I bought these every single day. You never have enough washcloths! I find myself going through these so fast every week, and it feels so damn luxurious to have as many washcloths as I could possibly want!


and finally, last one:


Trader Joe’s Lavender Salt Scrub has been such an indulgence in the bath! It has been rescuing my feet after Burning Man totally ruined them. I love the silky oily residue, and that’s saying something, because I hate the feel of anything greasy on my skin. I feel like my legs, which are normally dry and awful, have gotten so much smoother and moisturized since I started using this before shaving.


Ok tell me what YOU’ve been loving this month! I love recommendations!


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  1. chelsea w Avatar
    chelsea w

    I love that “Coy” lip color. I might be biased because Coy was my great-aunt’s name, but still…very pretty! I also LOVE your zipper earrings. I noticed them on your Instagram because I’m an earring creep and I had to holla at you about them. One thing I’ve been loving is pickled asparagus. Am I gross yet? I don’t know, I started eating lots of pickled food after my parents and I pickled our own okra a few years back and now I eat a lot of pickled stuff so that’s cool I guess. Do you like the movie Practical Magic? I always enjoyed that one and I think it’s on Hulu…maybe Netflix?!

    1. I strongly recommend “Coy” then! It’s a very flattering neutral-pink, and the feel is so luxurious and light! I ADORE both pickled asparagus (we used to make our own extra-sour pickled asparagus) and Practical Magic. Someone told me that an old photo of me looked like Nicole Kidman’s character in the movie (I used to have very long, strawberry-blonde hair) and I watched that movie and FELL IN LOOOOOVE! I think I’m due for a rewatch now that it’s HALLOWEEN SEASON!!!! I’ve never actually seen Hocus Pocus though ….should I??? I’m worried it’s been over-hyped!!!

      1. chelsea w Avatar
        chelsea w

        I don’t drool over the movie Hocus Pocus like a lot of people on the internet, but it’s a movie I do enjoy! And I think you’d enjoy it too! (Btw, have you seen where people are going batty because of a Hocus Pocus remake?)

        1. I HAVE heard of the remake but I’m generally opposed to remaking movies just to recast them and try to make more money for the studio/producers. I think it’s disrespectful to the original actors and crew and their work to just rehash something without adding anything new to it – so obviously, this judgement doesn’t apply to the 2016 Ghostbusters, because that was an entirely different and new movie.

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