Girls With Slingshots

Curse me now, thank me later:  Danielle Corsetto’s engaging webcomic Girls With Slingshots just wrapped up after ten years.  Ten years!  Over a thousand strips for your obsessive pleasure.  Once you get comfortable clicking your way through the archives, you’ll be addicted to your screen.  Curse me now, thank me later.

It would be impossible to capture a decade of serialized comics, I will say that sex-positive genderqueer feminist comic lovers will rejoice at being able to flip through these stories where loveable characters face issues of love, depression, commitment, and overcoming barriers at work, with family, with society, and with each other.  It sounds pretty heavy, huh?  Throw in a talking Scottish cactus, add a dash of bitters and you’ve got a recipe for a cocktail of fun.

Thank you, Danielle Corsetto, for ten years of Girls with Slingshots!  Everyone else, enjoy these archives as much as I did, starting right at the start.  Curse me now, thank me later.


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  1. […] starting with #1 going all the way to the current comic (it took me almost a week to get through Girls With Slingshots, remember?!). Or go through their entire Instagram feed to double-tap EVERY piece they post, which […]

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