Currently… in October 2016

Currently October 2016

FEELING:  Stressed. Stressed out about the job search, stressed out about money. Stressed about the election, watching everything in the world go wrong. It’s not a happy time, let’s be honest.

WATCHING:  I  only just discovered Zoella, whose vlogs have been the white noise over which I’ve been doing job applications and writing assignments. After binge-watching the only season of The Great British Bake-Off on Netflix, I was hoping for some more to hit the service in October (sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case)

LISTENING TO:  You know what I’m not going to apologize for this: I’ve been curating a phenomenal Christmas playlist on Spotify and I’ve been listening to it at home. Not sorry.

READING:  I mentioned in this post that I was given a Self-Esteem Workbook by my therapist and it’s been such a fantastic resource. I would be so lost without these exercises, and I’ll do a future post for you to learn more about it!

WORKING ON:  Like a million job applications, all the time. I’m hoping it’s a numbers game, because I’m just throwing my resume up in the air like confetti and praying that I’ll get a paying job.

THINKING ABOUT:  Cover letters. My bank balance. Trying to focus on my worth as a human being? Being one of the Children of the Great Recession. This kickass article about Capitalism. Uplifting stuff.

EATING:  You know what I’ve discovered is really cheap? Tortilla pizzas. Those corn tortillas at the grocery store are like $2 for 30. Pasta sauce is cheap. And heaven bless Key Foods, their store-brand mozzarella cheese is relatively affordable! Guys, if you need to stretch a food budget (and have a small garden of basil at your disposal), this is a great money-saving meal idea!


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