• Quickies!  vol. 2

    Quickies! vol. 2

    Too long to tweet, too short for a full blog post, it’s Quickies! Happy Day of everybody watching Trump & waiting for him to peel off his ugly face & reveal that he was Joaquin Phoenix all along #AprilFools — Meghan Sara Karre (@MeghanSaraK) April 1, 2016 How to write the perfect dating app bio:…

  • Quickies!


    Finally! A picture of my new haircut!  Taken in my sunny kitchen, on a day when I wore makeup! 2002: Now That’s What I Call Music! 2016: That’s What They Call “Music” Now? — Meghan Sara Karre (@MeghanSaraK) March 2, 2016 For those times when you have more to say than will fit in a…