Currently… in March 2016

FEELING:  Hopeful.  I have an appointment with a therapist this week.  After a lot of soul-searching and talking things over, I decided I needed to return to therapy late last year, and finally made contact with a therapist who might be able to take me on as a patient.  I’m not expecting immediate results, but I feel like I’ve grabbed hold of a branch, and it might keep me from sinking further.

WATCHING: Something unfathomable has happened:  I watched an episode of The Bachelor and I didn’t hate it!  Sadly, I think I am hooked, even though this is probably the dumbest show I have ever seen in my life.  I don’t know how the producers found so many inarticulate women who look just like Kelly Ripa and have an endless supply of drop-dead gorgeous evening gowns to wear to the (what the fuck even is this) “rose ceremony” – I have no idea what’s going on half the time.  I love watching it with closed-captions and taking screen-shots of the contestants and whats-his-name “Ben?” saying the most grammatically incorrect sentences like (I shit you not) “I like to thinking smart things!”  Oh Olivia, what are you think-thinking girl?  This show makes me wonder so many things, not the least of which, how do the girls’ “loose, beachy curls” stay so damn perfect all the time???? 

LISTENING TO:  I’m so in love with 70’s music lately!  Power ballads, funk, folk, disco?  It truly is the best decade of music!

READING:  I’ve been looking for new blogs to read.  What do I love?  Writing.  Personality.  And faces.  I feel like if I wouldn’t recognize a blogger’s face, I don’t really know them! 

WORKING ON:  Upping my blogging game!  I feel like I’ve already changed so much around here in the past year.  What’s holding me back?  Imposter syndrome?  Maybe?  I’m trying to really raise the quality of posts over here.  My mission is twofold: 1) to be boldly hilarious without offending, and 2) to be the kind of writer whose work I would love to read.  If you like what you read around these parts, holla at your girl, I love the comments so much!!!!  Thank you all for reading this far (and making it through the tough stuff about depression and The Bachelor). 

THINKING ABOUT:  Optimism and Pessimism.  What do you think – is the glass half-empty or half-full?  Is it possible to be a happy pessimist?  Does pessimism = depression?  Does optimism = delusion?

EATING:  Struck by a craving for kale, I’ve been on a dark-leafy-greens kick!  I’ve also been working hard (practice makes perfect) on my Bloody Marys – I’m gonna nail them sometime!

LOOKING FORWARD TO:  Starting a new project (I don’t want to say too much) that is both exciting and terrifying!  Warmer temperatures (spring)!

MAKING ME HAPPY:  Starting therapy again!  Sunny days!  My succulents are taking off like gangbusters!  Long, soul-baring talks with my boyfriend!  A great report from my dermatologist (and getting the green-light to increase the face treatments gradually)!  My college bestie coming into town for a visit and staying at my place this weekend!


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