What Was Your Favourite Book As A Child?

My very first book obsession was Go, Dog, Go!  Apparently, I made my parents read it to me so many times that I memorized it and would “read” it back to them!  They figured out my “secret” when they put a random other book in my hands, and I proceeded to read Go, Dog, Go! to them, turning the pages of the other book at the proper times and everything!

I read like a fish (?) when I was a kid.  Both of my parents worked in libraries, meaning I could get my hands on any book I wanted easily as pie.  I loved the stories and illustrations in Birds Fly, Bears Don’t.  I also read every single book in both The Babysitters’ Club and Goosebumps series!  Man, those were the days!

What were your favourite books growing up?  What was the first book you remember reading?  Do you remember the American Girls books?  Which was your favourite American Girl?  (I’m torn between Felicity and Molly, myself).  How about Daddy Makes the Best Spaghetti?  If you have kids, what do you like to read to them?  What are their favourite books?



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