2015 in Review: First Quarter


Adjusting to the New Job (1/22/15):  “Most days I go home tired.  Some days, I go home feeling like a total failure.  I feel so defeated it’s hard to breathe as I walk to the subway.  And some other days, things go so well that I feel like dancing all the way home.  But it’s never the same.”

Used (1/31/15):  “I got to thinking of Things that become more of themselves the more that they are used as a metaphor.  What if we become more human the more we get used?


Skin Sack and Poop Factory (2/7/15):  “…the
first thing that comes to mind is a misshapen skin sack.  The skin of
my body: scars, tattoos, fat, hair, rashes, acne, and all the makeup I
can pile on top.  When I think of my body, I think of its skin.  I
picture myself a rumbling bumbling bouncy rubbery flappy skin bag,
clumsily fumbling through the world…Kind of like a taffy pull, but with hair and
teeth jammed in it.  Ew.”

Owning It (2/19/15):

“Then an unknown number would pop up in my phone – and it was him, calling from a new number.  I
said … that I did not wish
to speak to him.  I would not answer any further calls.  And I would
consider any further contact to be harassment and I would take action.

In July 2013, a new number, and when I answered:  “I know you told me not to contact you, but I really just wanted to see how you were doing…”


The Person I Am Not (3/19/15):  “I
own ONE piece of brown clothing…because it reminds me of Obi-Wan. 
It’s my Jedi shirt.  I don’t think I ever figured “earth tones” out.  Is
“denim” a neutral colour?  Or just in Canada?”

Street Harassment Selfie (3/26/15):  “Sorry
to all the #NotAllMen out there, but until you’ve been hissed at by
someone double your size alone on your own street, let alone every time you set foot outside, you can’t really know what it’s like to feel like a mouse in a cat’s claws.”

Stay tuned for the Second, Third and Fourth Quarters!


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  1. I can't stop laughing at this " Is "denim" a neutral colour? Or just in Canada?""

    1. Thanks for enjoying! I had such fun compiling these posts and seeing how my blogging style has changed over just this one year. Phew!

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