This Thanksgiving, I am Thankful…

Last year, Thanksgiving, reflected in L’Escargot

This Thanksgiving will be my second – SECOND! – with my boyfriend.  Since we are planning to visit his family, chances of him reading this are pretty small, which is good.  I’m not looking to get in any trouble, here.  I just want to let everyone else know that I am super thankful for him, and here are the reasons why:

He makes me laugh so much.  When he uses his “funny voice” to narrate the inner monologues of dogs on the street, does “the shrug,” makes unintentional puns…and then bursts out laughing at them. 

He is an amazing cook and most importantly, he doesn’t take shit from me.  I’m all “You’re putting fish sauce on tacos?” like he’s just dumped a gallon of gasoline on the stove and is holding a match, but he just replies “yup” and squeezes more balsamic vinegar onto the stove.  Flames shoot up to the ceiling, I don’t even know what’s going on, but it comes out DELICIOUS and I promise I’ll trust you not to set the kitchen on fire, babe, I’m working on it.

He’s calm in every situation, no matter what’s happening.  I’ve watched him swim a boat to shore towing it by a rope.  Detonate fireworks in the backyard.  Leap into the fray, laughing, doing a flip – three times!!!  He’s INSANE, I tell ya!  But I trust him completely, and his calm makes me feel so safe.

I am thankful for the way you dance with me, by which I mean, constantly at my insistence.  I am thankful for the way you encourage me, even when I steadfastly refuse to learn to ride a bike in the desert wearing a prom dress.  I’m thankful for the playful spirit who treats us to caviar at the Plaza Hotel, and the generous soul who brings me an extra cheese stick so I don’t have to get up off the couch while I’m blogging. 

Oh, and on the off chance that you do read this?  You are a hero to put up with this much sappiness, too.  I’m so thankful.

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