What’s The Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Eaten?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  Meaning that all across the country, Americans are getting psyched and ready to stuff their faces full of holiday foods and I’m over here making you lose your appetites.

All my life I’ve sworn “I will never eat bugs!”  I also said I’d never do a lot of things that I definitely did, and peer pressure entered into the picture, and, well…

My boyfriend ordered live crickets off the Internet (if it’s possible on the Internet, my boyfriend has already done it), and his friend cooked them up.  They were both drinking to warm up to the experience, but I was on an antibiotic and went into it cold sober.  What do they taste like?  Roasted chickpeas, honestly.  Not bad.  I didn’t like the legs, though.  I would be open to using cricket flour as a gluten-free replacement:  Cricket madelienes!  Cricket pizza dough!  Cricket cupcakes!  CriCupCakes?  We’ll have to see.

What was the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?  Have you eaten bugs?  Live squid?  Exotic foods?  TELL ME in the comments!  And sorry in advance for spoiling your Thanksgiving dinner.

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