How To Be A “Good” Feminist, By A Feminist, For Feminists

For as long as there have been feminists, there has been debate as to what makes a “good” feminist.  The answer is multifaceted, depending on who you ask, yet very simple, and that is, there are no “good” feminists, according to everybody, including, among them, other feminists.

For too long, the lack of any actual “good” feminists was a problem for all feminists….  until now.  Ladies and…ladies:  in just mere moments, you will learn HOW TO BE A GOOD FEMINIST.

But before you can learn how to be a GOOD feminist, first you should determine whether or not you are a feminist.  I’ve included a handy quiz to help you answer this difficult personal soul search:
Question 1.  Do you believe women and men should be treated equally?
A.  Yes
B.  No
Now, how to be a “good” feminist. 

Are you ready?

Keep scrolling.

Here it comes:

To be a good feminist…

Treat every woman like Meryl Streep.

You’re all, “what?” And that negative attitude is exactly why there are no good feminists.  Yep.  Start being the solution and just hear me out – like you would hear out Meryl Streep:

Like all women, Meryl Streep has struggled.  Critics have raked her over the coals, co-stars have mistaken her drive for “bitchiness,” and she’s been nominated for awards she didn’t win.  BUT, we still support her.  Because even when she makes mistakes *cough Mamma Mia* she’s still Meryl Streep.  We know that anyone capable of making Sophie’s Choice is stronger than a She-Devil herself.  We can get all Kramer versus Kramer until you have Heartburn, but it’s still A Cry in the Dark to all the hundreds of awards The Iron Lady has won internationally.  Why, there can be no Doubt that sometimes, It’s Complicated to try to understand her, but The Hours you could spend Falling in Love with Streep are Plenty. 

If you take The One True Thing away from this lesson, it is this:  All of us women are just like Meryl Streep.  Just going about your business, Defending Your Life, asking to be treated with the same respect Meryl Streep is treated with.  Whether Death Becomes Her or Before and After, know that Hope Springs on the Wings of Life.  So tell that Ant Bully to go Dancing at Lughnasa!  Because every woman deserves Plenty to be treated like Meryl Streep.

Silkwood.   That is all.


6 responses to “How To Be A “Good” Feminist, By A Feminist, For Feminists”

  1. Haha! Love it! We are all Meryl Streep at heart.

  2. Hahaha awesome!! 😀 I agree!!

  3. Omg! I love it! Meryl Streep is amazing!

    1. She's so brilliant! I know! Thank you!

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