Five Times I Was The Coolest Teacher

Now that the school year is coming to an end, I feel like a soldier surrendering.  Well, I tried.  Well, it’s over.  I feel like a failure, but there are students who brightened my outlook by sharing the times they enjoyed in my yearbook.  You know, there were times when I actually kind of nailed it!  Here we go:

1.  Yoko Ono “Kiss Kiss Kiss”  having absolutely no clue how to discipline children and run through all sensible (and palatable) options, I decided that, as punishment for screwing around while they were supposed to be working, I would force them to write their essays in total silence…while I played “Kiss Kiss Kiss” by Yoko Ono.  It completely backfired on me, and they proceeded to continue to pester me to play it for them “as punishment” oops.  But the fact that I exposed them to such a thing at their age makes me proud.

2.  Taught them the windmill
 I’m not a very “huggy” person, so when some students persisted in wanting to hug me, I felt trapped.  When they came towards me in the hall with arm outstretched, I tried to duck the embrace.  Finally, though, I tried reaching up to slap their  hand, and they dug it!  We added the “windmill” move after much practice and now my boundaries are respected, but we still have a special greeting – phew!

3.  Won a rap battle
 look, if you’re going to freestyle in my presence, you have to know that I’m going to spit back.  And then news of my freestyle skillz spread like wildfire…

4.  Siri is the teacher  for my first class of the trimester, we were discussing the difference between humanity and artificial intelligence – so we quizzed Siri about consciousness, free will, and love.  She got a little snippy with us!  But it left such an impression on the kids that some even wrote about it in my yearbook!

5.  “Who Killed the Internet?”  for my first trimester of theatre class, I wrote the scholars a play based on their favourite Internet memes.  It was performed at a family night at school, and though it didn’t go off quite as planned, everyone enjoyed it and talked about it even to now!

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