Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Brown Rice Pasta Fusilli

Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Pasta Fusilli

Tastes Like:
  Pasta!  You probably would never know the difference if I snuck this to you on the sly and never tipped my hand.  The uncooked brown colour fades and the pasta looks like regular wheat pasta…if maybe a little more translucent.

Great With:  Anything you normally pasta with.  Great for Sunday Gravy, served cold in a pasta salad or – get ready for this – atop a smear of hummus, topped with roasted veggies!

Perfect For:  Instantly satisfying brown-bag lunches at work (I put it over hummus in a Tupperware, top with edamame and tomatoes, and eat it cold).

Must Know: 
Says “Gluten Free” right on the outside! 

$1.99 for a whole lotta pasta.  I make up half the bag on the weekends and distribute it among five lunches.  Such a cheap pantry staple to have, and so versatile, it’s worth always keeping some around to have as a last-minute meal!

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