I Will Fear No Evil

What do you get when you put the brain of a dying old man into the body of an impossibly hot young woman?  I Will Fear No Evil explores every possible angle of a horny old man being surgically implanted into the body of his secretary to prolong his life.  Questions like, “Where is the essence of our selves biologically located in the body?”  “After we die, does any of our consciousness remain?”  and “How many chapters are about orgies?  Seriously!” 

Yes, in fearing no evil, Heinlein takes us into his deepest fantasies of penetrating a lovely young blonde – in the brain region, that is!  Instead of writing from the POV of a female narrator (such as in Friday or To Sail Beyond the Sunset) or a male character (Time Enough for Love, The Door Into Summer, etc etc) he writes from both points of view – talking to each other. 

Is this confusing enough yet?  I hope not.  It helps to fear no confusion when more and more characters with interchangeable names (with nicknames!) enter the scene, furthering the confusing spiral of identity and bed-hopping. 

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