I Have A Crush…

Ever since I first watched West Side Story as a young girl, I knew I wanted to live in Manhattan.  I thought that was the place for me, and in my heart, I yearned to be at the center of the Big Apple.

And then, I started getting to know Brooklyn. 

I feel so dirty every weekend when I slip out of Manhattan and disappear into Brooklyn.  I felt shameful for liking it so much.  I felt like nobody could understand how I could live in one borough, and have these feelings for another!  CHEAT ON MANHATTAN?!?  What kind of monster have I become?!?

It started off slowly, I think:  First, I got a boyfriend in Brooklyn.  He’s a big Brooklyn fan.  Then, I got a job in Brooklyn.  Therefore, I started spending more time in Brooklyn.  Brooklyn was pursuing me! 

Meanwhile, my relationship with Manhattan was faltering.  Transportation started to fall apart.  Everything became too crowded, too expensive.  My building went from being students and young families to drug dealers and all-night partiers.  Manhattan started to become too angry, too commercial, too cold.  Not to mention, every time I set foot outside in Manhattan, someone creeps on me.  It’s starting to look like I might have to call it quits with Manhattan.

All the while, Brooklyn’s humble, eclectic charm was calling to me.  While my old haunts were burning down, moving out, or turning into 7-11’s, I turned to Brooklyn’s vintage shops and offbeat museums for respite.  When Manhattan rushed me, I’d spend carefree weekends winding down windy streets.  And when Manhattan was too expensive, I’d get cheap kicks checking out the free street art, Brooklyn Night Bazaar, or fingering antiques at JUNK.

Little by little, Brooklyn stole my heart.  And with any new relationship, I’m excited to get to know each other better and to see where this leads.  It could be the start of a beautiful friendship.  Or more…?

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