Currently… in March 2015

FEELING:  Overworked and overwhelmed.  I just got back from a school break and right away it’s back to the grind in a big way!  I’m worried about next year still, but after the emotional roller coaster of this school year, I feel like I can handle anything that gets thrown my way.  This year has been like “adulthood boot camp” full of walls to climb and crawling through mud and crap.  I feel so ready to handle absolutely any challenge I may face.

WATCHING:  don’t judge me – I’ve been binge-watching Teen Mom 2 because it’s just nice to see people who have it harder than me for a little while.

LISTENING TO:  Smashing Pumpkins are kind of like my springtime music…I’ve noticed that whenever I listen to something frequently, I get nostalgic for it nine months later.  Now I’m dying for spring so I’m listening to the music I couldn’t get enough of last spring.

READING:  I did read Saga and it’s fantastic!  I’m so excited to keep up with it!  I can’t wait to see what’s next for Batgirl of Burnside either – I have my predictions, but they’re probably wrong.

WORKING ON:  surviving this school year and finding a job for August.

THINKING ABOUT:  surviving this year and finding a job for August.  Again.  It’s kind of a big deal!

EATING:  My boyfriend had a conference up in Boston over my break and we ate many, many oysters.  It was kind of marvelous!

LOOKING FORWARD TO:  spring break (April!  Soon enough!).  Warmer temperatures (today it is 3.  3 is not a temperature, it’s a friendly muppet on Sesame Street.)  going on little weekend trips to break up the monotony of arbitrary beaurocracy that is my job.  Weekends.

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