#tbt First Day of School

Oh man such cuteness…the last time I was adorable.  So check me out in this photo looking so fresh and professional back in my early days of schooling.  Well, big surprise – I’m going BACK to school TOMORROW!  Only this time, I’ll be on the other side of the desk…sort of.  I’m working my way towards a career in education by playing the long game through an amazing opportunity I managed to stick my foot in the door of…so this is advance notice in case things get quiet around here.  I’m actually looking forward to long days, patience-testing, strong-willed adolescents…and what it could all lead to years down the road.  Good luck, little girl.  You’re gonna need it.  Gee, I hope no one picks on The New Kid.

3 responses to “#tbt First Day of School”

  1. You will be terrific. Attitude is everything, so just stay positive! And ask for help when you need it — we all ARE still learning, even on the other side of the desk!!

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