#tbt 2007 Knows No Cool

September 20, 2007

Oh my word.  What have we here.

Lately I’ve been missing my hometown a lot.  That’s not to say I love New York any less, but I sometimes want to sojourn back to simpler times.  When an afternoon of fun was as simple as going to the Salvation Army for Half-Price Wednesday.  Let’s talk about the fashion here, shall we?

So this dress.  It’s a doozy.  I’m sure I felt positively antebellum in it, but it’s probably someone’s donated Halloween costume or a castoff from a high school production of The Music Man.  I kind of love it, because I really hate it.  And that “strawberry blonde” hair?  WHAT WAS I THINKING?  Not a flattering color on me AT ALL.

The only GOOD part about this outfit are the shoes you can barely see peeking out.  They were my first “cool” shoes:  emerald-green suede Airwalks (back when Airwalks meant something) and I wore them to DEATH.  They were so comfortable and I must have found them on a chance sale, because look at me.  Would I know cool?  I sure as hell didn’t back in September of 2007.  Sheesh.


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