Central Park Conservatory (Secret) Garden

The Central Park Conservatory Garden is a tiny surprise located near the Upper East-Corner of the park.  With an entrance on Fifth Avenue between 104th and 105th Streets, it’s secluded enough that tourists can’t find it, and that makes it feel like a delicious secret.

There are distinct separate “areas” to the park.  The main mall (in the first photo) is a big grassy area lined on either side by tree-shaded walkways studded with benches.  Off to the left is a small garden area with a duck pond.  This garden with the fancy shrubbery and pink tulips ( ! ) is off to the right.  I kinda love pink tulips.

Quite possibly my favourite area of the garden is an elevated wisteria arbor from where you can overlook the main mall, fountain, and entrance to the park.  Winged on either side by large, open areas (perfect for dancing, this hopeless romantic thought immediately) there is a stretch of benches along the back buffeted by a hill behind you (sealing the rest of the park out) and yet more flowers.  I hope to return on another day with a good book to one of these benches and just breathe in the beautiful aromas and then dance on the patios.

The Central Park Conservatory Garden is small enough to feel private, roomy enough for everyone to have their own space, and far enough that it remains a Central Park’s best-kept … secret.


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