Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Yogurt-Covered Raisins

Trader Joe’s Yogurt-Covered Raisins

Tastes Like: 
Soft, supple, yeilding.  Sweet and creamy and a little tart.  Plump, juicy raisins lushly coated in a thick layer of creamy yogurt.  Snackity, snackity heaven.

Great With:  Dark Chocolate Edamame and almonds as a trail mix, or just by themselves with a cup of tea.

Perfect For:  Munching in bed.  Squishing the little juicy delights between your molars to relieve stress.  You know.  Like you do.

Must Know:  Contains no gluten ingredients, but made in a facility that also processes wheat so be careful.  Contains dairy.  I can’t see why these wouldn’t be vegetarian-friendly, though.

Costs:  $3.99 for almost a POUND of these delicious little guys!  That should last you a while…emphasis on should…and if it doesn’t, you’ll have to add “shame” to the cost of $3.99.


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