T-Shirt to Tied Tank Tutorial

I love destroying t-shirts.  Perhaps the anarchist in me loves to see the classic staple brought to its knees?  Whatever.  In any rate, this is a quick and easy way to take a normal blah t-shirt to something a little edgier!  Seriously, it is SO easy, I doubt it took me ten minutes to do this INCLUDING the part where I stopped to take the barely-adequate pictures.  Sorry for the lighting.


– a t-shirt.  (preferably one that fits snugly in the armpits)
– scissors
– the heart of an anarchist (optional)

First, turn the shirt inside-out and cut off the collar and sleeves, seams and all.

Trim the remaining seam off your sleeves, cut them open.  Cut a 1″-2″ strip along the rounded edge.  Basically, the longest strip you can cut.

Loop it under the shoulders of your shirt and tie it!

Optional:  swagger about the town like the DIY Badass you are.  Watch other t-shirts quake in fear at your devil-may-care rebellious attitude.  You anarchist.


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