Currently… in April 2014

FEELING: I am working on healing.  I’m trying to eat better, and work through some personal issues that I’ve been having.  I’m trying to let go of a lot of my control issues, enjoy just “being”, and not worrying.  

WATCHING: I just discovered Breaking Amish – talk about gripping!  I’m also enjoying the animated series Batman Beyond.  Old Bruce Wayne is adorably curmudgeonly.  Terry is a cutie who reminds me of Buffy Summers.  And the main title design was by Darwyn Cooke, who I saw speak at NYCC ’13!  Speaking of, how much does the opening sequence remind you of the credits for Law & Order: SVU???  Can’t be just me! 

LISTENING TO:  Mellow soft music – I believe you’d call it “coffeehouse rock”?  Ingrid Michaelson, Meklit Hadero, She & Him…let’s not call it “hipster music” even though it TOTALLY is.

READING:  I think I have a problem!  I’m still in the middle of The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (which I read on lunch breaks at work), and I’m slowly digesting Arkham Asylum (I guess I’m on a Batman kick?) because the artwork is SO AMAZING.  Meanwhile, I found a copy of U.K. LeGuin’s The Left Hand of Darkness which I read in college and LOVED, and I’m dying to dig in again to remember why it left such an impression on me!

WORKING ON:  I had knit my grandmother a fluffy purple cowl, and loved it so much, that I made one for myself!  Since the yarn went on sale (and my own washes and wears so well) I’ve been using up leftover yarn on them.  I’m a knitwit, this year, what can I say?  I also ordered some patches off Amazon to adorn my thrifted backpack with and can’t wait to snazz it up!

THINKING ABOUT:  Traveling back to Amsterdam.  I was only there for a few days and it was so beautiful!  I’d love to go for longer this time.  Fingers crossed I win the lottery!

EATING:  I have rediscovered raw kale in a big way!  I also discovered a cute raw/vegan/GF restaurant in Greenwich Village called Rockin’ Raw and I think it may be my new favourite place!  I went there on Pi Day and had amazing chiles rellenos and raw pasta and eggplant and of course, PIE!

LOOKING FORWARD TO:  Rising temperatures, long walks, and settling into a feeling of contentment free from worry.  Same as last month.
MAKING ME HAPPY:  Learning how to play Magic the Gathering!


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  1. Soph! says:

    I love Magic the gathering. Can't wait to hear about your adventures in learning the game. it's very addicting…or at least it was for me. I bought so many cards the first couple of months! >.<

    Cute shirt!

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