Jacket Remodel

This is a story of having nothing to lose.

So I pulled this jacket out of a Lost & Found bin.  It had been there a REALLY long time and basically, nobody was going to come back for it.  I called dibs.  It’s a children’s XL jacket but I liked the material of it and the sleeves were cute but…

It was wicked big and boxy as hell!  There was just WAY too material around the bottom.  Buttoning it made things even worse!

So here’s what I did. 

I cut the bottom off and sewed four 1″ darts in the bottom.  The jacket is made of stretch denim and moves nicely.  Please forgive the lack of makeup and the ratty old “I’m not going further than a 1 block radius for groceries and tissues” sweater.

And voila!  Cute new jacket for springtime!

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