Not Hiding Under The Covers

There’s been a lot said lately, for one reason or another, about how brief life is. Friends, family, all dwelling on the idea of acting now while there’s still time because nothing is guaranteed.  And then somebody called me “fearless.”  FEARLESS.  I quite like the word.

Is it fearless to chase what you want regardless of consequences?  Is it fearless to feel pressure to change and steadfastly refuse?  Is it fearless to make mistakes and put yourself out there?  Or is it foolish?
Well, I won’t play the victim.  I won’t let anybody dim my light.  I won’t hide under the covers because the world tells me to.  I will live my life until it’s ripped away from me, kicking and screaming.  And if that makes me “fearless…”

I’ll gladly wear that crown.

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