Get Lucky

During my second tattoo session last summer, I was starting to go loopy from the pain.  I looked up at a statue of the lucky waving cats hovering over me like a watchful angel and mused: “I wonder what they’re called…”

“It’s a maneki-neko.” my artist replied.  “Maneki-neko?” I repeated.  Over and over.  Trust me when I say the word is burned into my mind.

Maneki-neko bring luck and protection depending on their colour, what their paws are doing, what they’re holding, etc, etc.  They’re also OMG FREAKING ADORBZ.  Here’s my pink lucky cat, who I’m told symbolizes luck in love.  She sits over my bed.  Readers, I can use all the luck I can get in the love department.

It’s common to see maneki-neko statues, but I think these charming cherubs can do more good work, yes?

I will never not love jewelry.  Silver jewelry, to be precise!  And this classy and elegant charm necklace from Dogeared allows you to take your luck with you wherever you go!

I will never not love T-shirts.  Cafe Press allows you to customize style!  Woohoo!

I like this maneki-neko keychain because he’s a little terrifying.  I feel like you can trust him to keep your keys safe!
I searched for a good beaded bracelet but couldn’t find one I liked enough, so why not DIY?  Fire Mountain Gems has a wide variety of maneki-neko beads!  I, of course, like the ones with the flower on the tummy the best!

Hey, everyone could use a little luck, right? 


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