Love Is Like Bubble Gum

I.  Love is Like Bubble Gum

Love is like Bubble Gum.

At first, it’s really hard.

Then it’s SO SWEET.

For like, a minute.

And then it starts to break apart.

But you keep chewing it because you don’t want to believe that it’s already over.

And when you finally spit it out,
you can hardly believe you had something that disgusting in your mouth for so long.

It’s gross to look at.
And leaves behind a bad taste.

II.  Bad Relationships are like Pizza

Bad relationships are like Pizza

When a box of fresh pizza arrives,
You want to claim a slice

So you lick your fingers and touch the best one

And you think you’ve won, and you’re done, and it’s yours.

III.  Good Relationships are like Reese’s

Good relationships are like Reese’s

Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Two perfectly good things coming together
To make something brilliant


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