Speaking of Saturday…

I haven’t been blogging every day and I miss it!  My computer charge cord was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but thanks to the gross incompetence of the UPS, I have to pay a convenience fee (HA!) and wait an additional week for delivery.  I have no idea how anyone gets packages with UPS.  Unless they are unemployed.  Because they only deliver during business hours.  And require a signature for home delivery.  Whatever.
But fear not!  I have been keeping ever so busy!  For instance, taking very long walks – my favourite!  I’ve fallen in love with downtown all over again.  Don’t tell 72nd Street, but I think I’m cheating on them with the Trader Joe’s in Chelsea!  They have free coffee, better samples, and dare I say it – a shorter line?  I still love flirting with the cashiers at 72nd best, though.  On y most recent visit, I got to talk puppies, Battlestar Galactica, and Doctor Who with my bespectacled cashier.  Beat that.
Speaking of Doctor Who, I’ve been totally absorbed into the classic Who available on Netflix.  Specifically the Tom Baker years.  I adore him!  And have a complicated love/hate attitude towards Romana.  Which brings me to the picture above!  Months ago, I vowed to knit the scarf worn by Tom Baker’s character, the Fourth Doctor.  Now, with less than two months to ComicCon and fall looming around the corner, I bit the bullet and bought the yarn!  I started on Thursday night, and that’s how far I am as of now!  It’s about 3ft long, and I’m not even halfway through the pattern.  But I splurged on the soft nice yarn, because I want to wear this all over town in the chilly weather.
Speaking of windy weather and long walks, I’ve been giving so many tours lately!  This weekend is my first “Three-Tour Weekend” where I get to do each of the three neighborhoods on a different night.  Thursday was Lower Manhattan, and they LOVED ME.  I even got a $20 Handshake!  I love my job, and honestly, I would don’t for free.  But tips are always appreciated.  Last night was Greenwich Village, my favourite neighborhood.  It was busy, and noisy, but I love those stories so much.  Tonight is Hell’s Kitchen, the toughest route.  But with two very successful an gratifying tours behind me, I am so ready to tackle it!
So that’s what I’ve been up to.  What are YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?!

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    • That's the one I usually go to because it's closest to my home, but lately – Are you reading this, Joe? – lately, by the end of the day, they have been running out of kale.

      I like the one in Chelsea because it has never run out of kale (that I've noticed) and they have free little cups of coffee at the stand in the back. FREE. COFFEE.

  1. Should we ever make it to NY, we'll definitely have to go on one of your tours!! Love the scarf, reminding me that I need to finally get to starting on one for me. Love it! Also the Doctor Who background. Hubby was talking about our house today, and how it's so much larger on the inside than it looks on the outside.. And we have picked out blue as the color.. Now he's figuring out how to include a "Police" sign somewhere 😉

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