No Charge Cord: Week Four

Dear Outside World:

It’s been four weeks without a computer.  What’s a girl to do with her time?
Outside of working 6-7 days a week, I’ve been going on a lot of OkCupid dates (post about that pending when I have a computer again), watching classic Doctor Who (more posts about that when I have a computer again) and knitting the Tom Baker scarf.  My knitting has gotten out of control.  Check it:
I should be able to use my computer in two more weeks, thanks to the incompetence of the UPS.

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    • Yeah, right? The Blogger app has improved a lot since last time I used it. It's best in conjunction WITH a computer, but I'm pleased with how much better it's gotten.

      I think the Bloglovin' app is actually BETTER than the full site. I've been having trouble reading blogs there, it's easier on the phone! At least I'm not missing TOO much.

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